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Junos Space Design Pattern Library for Juniper Networks Inc.

Designer: Jennifer Allen

Design Problem:

Develop a highly useful and usable design pattern library for the Junos Space software developer.

Design Process:

I conducted secondary research regarding existing design patterns and design pattern libraries. My primary research consisted of interviews the user, the Junos Space Developer, and additional stakeholders (e.g. SDK Project Manager, User Researcher) to determine the problem space, the project requirements, and the best method for implementation based on the workflow of the developer. I reviewed the Junos Space software and documented standard and interaction design patterns.

Research and Design Methods Used:

  • Literature Review
  • Exemplars
  • Interviews
  • Information Architecture

Design Summary:

The Junos Space Design Pattern Library is a resource for the Junos Space Developers that provides guidelines and standards. It facilitates the development of software by providing the most usable and appropriate design pattern for a given problem as well as a link to the associated code. The use of the design pattern library among both Juniper and SDK developers increases the speed of development and ensures consistency throughout Junos Space.

There are sixty patterns within the Design Pattern Library. These patterns are classified under one of the following categories: Commands and Actions, Data Entry, Data Display and Selection, Dialog, Global Patterns, Interaction Design Patterns, Inventory Landing Page Patterns, Navigation, and Tables. The information provided for each pattern consists of pattern name, a description of the pattern, an image of the pattern, instructions regarding when not to use the pattern, the location of the code associated with the pattern within a catalog of examples, and related patterns.

Please note that due to the restrictions of a Juniper Networks Confidential Disclosure Agreement, the specific content of the Design Pattern Library cannot be described.

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