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Each design project was completed using the Principles Framework. The Principles Framework is an iterative process that guides the practioner through the steps of design thinking.

Junos Space Design Pattern Library for Juniper Networks Inc.

Created the Junos Space Design Pattern Library which is a resource for the Junos Space Developers that eases the difficulty of software development for the developer and faciltates greater consistency throughout the Junos Space software.


The Beacon
Master's Thesis
Presented at the 2010 Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change Conference

Designed a mobile phone application that reduces traffic congestion in large urban environments by facilitating a safe, convenient, efficient and reliable dynamic ridesharing experience. The solution overcomes barriers associated with traditional carpooling as well as the barriers that plague current ridesharing applications.


UPA 2009 Student Design Competition Finalist

Designed a web application that facilitates a community owned door-to-door transportation service that enables people living in the same apartment community to collectively make trips to nearby grocery stores. The design reconceptualizes a ubiquitous form of transportation in such a way that it enables an auto-free, and thus more sustainable lifestyle for its user.


The GroceryMate
CHI 2008 Student Design Competition Finalist

Designed a grocery shopping assistance device that strategically requests affordable and nutritious food donations that charitable organizations need to feed the homeless.


How Sustainable We Ourselves Are
CHI 2009 Workshop Paper

This paper describes the results of an on-line survey which received 169 responses from the CHI community. The survey explored the CHI community's attitudes and behaviors towards environmental sustainability as it relates to technology. The research documents that while members of the CHI community support and engage in sustainable practices in their personal lives, implementation of sustainable practices in their work is a far greater challenge.


Usability and Heuristic Evaluation of Indiana University OneStart Classifieds

Conducted quantitative and qualitative usability evaluations and a heuristic evaluation of the Indiana University online classified ads for client, the User Experience Group of Indiana University's Technology Services.