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I am a user experience researcher and designer. I have completed Bachelor of Arts degrees in Anthropology, Computer Science, and Psychology, as well as a Master of Science degree in Human Computer Interaction/Design from Indiana University.

My interest in user research and user experience design stems from my desire to create innovative, intuitive, sustainable products, services, and systems which insightfully utilize technology to improve the quality of life of others. I believe that a human-centered approach, that focuses on the process of listening, is the foundation of the most meaningful and valued design innovation. Listening involves not only deciphering the priorities and motivations of the individual, but also understanding the cultural and physical context in which the individual exists as well. Listening is accomplished through a variety of techniques which include ethnography, contextual inquires, interviews, surveys, focus groups, as well as usability testing. I have developed the ability to listen and derive valuable insights from my research.

I believe that design is of great importance. Design guides, with intention or not, our embodied experience, how we interact with each other, and the constructed world around us. I have received extensive training in the methodology of human-centered, design thinking. I have developed the skills required to create intuitive innovation to solve the most challenging problems.

I am currently seeking to attain a full time position utilizing my skills in user experience research and design. Please contact me at jenjeall   @ or LinkedIn if you have any questions or wish to discuss how I can enhance the work that you do.